Simply Pure Nutrients

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The CLEANEST, HEALTHIEST, PUREST supplements on the market! Bar none!  They also have the most effective and potent Vitamins on earth, a SWEET POTATO RECOVERY FUEL and a vegetarian protein supplement to cover every possible nutritional need!  Add SUPERFOOD (greens and reds) to the mix for addition health and detox effect.  You cannot fuel better making every BEARD™ elite!


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Frog Fuel has the perfect mix of fast absorbing collagen proteins to maintain a healthy Beard™ during your most many endeavors.  It also includes an amino mix for optimal performance.  Click HERE for the science behind it.

Darn Tough Socks

These are the best socks on earth!  There is no other solution to socks that hold up in the harshest of conditions and keep your feet dry and blister free!  Oh and an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE!  You buy these socks once EVER!

This is the best anti-friction foot and body cream on the market.  Tried and tested on a myriad of events from OCR, Ultra and Adventure Races all over the planet!  Need extra added comfort, add their foot care kits and trail tape for extra measure of security.  They also offer a eco-friendly water collapsible, reusable cup to take along on competitions!

Trail Toes


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