The Ultimate Suck

The brain child of Guinness World Record holder and two time Death Race  winner Joe Decker, this once a year, 36 hour long test of character will truly wreck you.  The mantras of "Long-Strong-Fast-Fit",  "Don't think. Just f**cking do.  Become Robotic.", and "The Earth is your Gym"  you will truly know what it means to embrace the suck when its all over.   Check out their video HERE 

2015 Ultimate SUCK sign up

The Endurance Society

The Endurance Society has a number of events which are operated sub rosa (under the rose).  The organizers, staff, and all attendees past and future are sworn to complete secrecy by legal gag order.  Media coverage, blogs, websites, books, products, advertising, marketing, photos, audio recordings, video recordings, spectators, public discussion, and the like are prohibited. They ask that you do not ask about sine nomine (without name) or any private event organized by The Endurance Society.


These are not for the weak minded, the unmotivated, or those that do not have the will to persevere

Only those with daring, with adventure, with fortitude, with unwavering demeanor and the intestinal grit to go out and conquer whatever is placed before you!


Beard™ OCR's

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Top Notch Must do Events!  


SISU - Ultimate determination fortitude and persistence carried to an unfathomable level.  It can also be described as being resolute through the most dire adversity and coming out victorious!  This Extreme Endurance Event held each year in Monrovia, CA was fired from the very forges that created the idea of SISU.  

Fuego y Agua Events

Fuego y Agua produce Extreme Endurance Running & Adventure events with a philanthropic purpose, Their mission is to bring unique, challenging, and sustainable endurance events to the planet. Striving to bring runners, volunteers and participants an integrated cultural and learning experience, not just another racing event.  Few complete it but the experience lasts forever.